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CWF League February 2017 — 6 Comments

  1. It’s great that vintage Celtic fielded an over 60’s team, but on a sad note, how a player gets a serious injury in walking football if it was played to no contact so sorry, but if it was contact how, the rules are clear, I mentioned my concerns in a previous comment about running and contact.

    No doubt someone will jump in, my comment is about safety, we are all getting old and I myself probably the most disabled playing. 2 new knees, hip, foot and now a right toe, plus the usual arthritis etc etc. So come on Cheshire FA let’s have a major clamp down on the rules, thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment Philip, the rules at present are minimal contact not no contact but even minimal contact is difficult to define. I appreciate your concerns and your views are shared by many, however until we are at the stage where we have fully qualified referees for walking football then running and contact will always be a problem.

  2. Personally I would prefer it if the game was totally contact. However the FA have just released their new rules relating to walking football and they do not include no contact unfortunately, it is something that I feel needs looking at again. There should be a total clampdown from refs on tackling from behind which is one of the main issues in walking football.

    I would like to point out that all of the games I played in the other week were played in the right spirit by the players and there were no bad fouls in any of them. There were one or two mistimed tackles obviously but as long as the players show a sense of responsibility over the game as a whole then there will be few issues arising. The term ‘minimal contact’ is very ambiguous though and is always open to interpretation.

    I hope the lad from Crewe is not too seriously injured and that he makes a good recovery. I’m not sure if he was injured as the result of a tackle or just by falling awkwardly, so maybe it would have happened regardless of whether the game was contact or not?

    On a side note, would it be possible for penalty areas to be marked out by lines instead of the discs that are currently used? This would lead to a lot less controversy around the ball being in or out of the area when it is a close call.

  3. Incidentally we have an over 50’s one day walking football tournament at Wigan Soccerdome (indoor 4g pitches) on Thursday, March 9th, starting at 11am. We have two places left, if anyone’s interested please contact me on garywilkins03@gmail.com or 07974 198863.
    Entry costs £40 per team, 6-a-side with tea and coffee provided pre and post tournament, with food also provided (usually chip butties,no pies though).

  4. Evening guys, I write in reply to Gary’s point re. the discs marking the penalty area at Northwich. I have discussed this issue with Gary but for info to you all we have been and indeed still are trying various other methods of marking the area, unfortunately to-date with only little success. We have tried grass marking paint but whilst might seem to be a good idea brings problems of it’s own. We cannot leave a permanent marking on the Northwich pitch so therefore any additional pitch marking need to be acceptable to the FA staff and be removable when we have finished playing. Anyone with any other ideas grateful if you would contact either the blogger or myself with your suggestion. Until then we will continue with the disc system.

    I would also like to thank Gary for his invitation to the Widnes team to play at the recent Wigan tournament which we accepted and really enjoyed the experience, so much that we will hopefully be back for the next one.

    Well the April games at Northwich are fast approaching, April 13th, and I and the committee look forward to welcoming you all there again. Incidentally I am happy to inform you that our secretary George Brady is much better now and will, all being well, be back to his usual high standard of duties.

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