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CWF League March 2017 — 6 Comments

  1. I am with Nantwich Barony and would like to confirm an error on the results for the Premier Division game on Thursday 16th march between Helsby Old Boys and Nantwich Barony. It states Helsby 1 Nantwich 0, the score was 1 1.

  2. I played on 16/3/17 and in the report it states that Crew were much improved. It was very apparent that they were physical and running for return balls. Most teams would seem much improved if playing to five-a-side rules and not walking football rules. I understand the refs have a difficult job but the physical contact and running need to be stamped out as we are all playing to enjoy the game of football.

    • It’s constant Keith, I have stopped coming as the running and tackling is ridiculous. Cheshire Walking Football League, you are failing the ones who want enjoyment not fierce competition, do look again at what you want to achieve, 1 or 2 teams dominating or a fair even sided competition!

      • Hi Phil, many thanks for your comments re. running and tackling. I’m sorry you have elected not to play again at Northwich but please be assured your views will be discussed at our forthcoming committee meeting and be aware I for one would like to further investigate a no contact game. I believe running is the most difficult part of our game to eradicate as we were all brought up to run during the game, however I think we can perhaps learn from other leagues currently playing that running can be minimized.
        Dave Powell, Chairman Cheshire Walking Football Group.

  3. I’m always wary of walking football teams and clubs that take the name of professional or semi professional clubs. I Personally think club names should clearly denote the walking difference, or reflect the older age group (ie.’VINTAGE Celtic’ or even if I may say so ‘The Nash AMBLERS’) even if the two entities are closely related and the parent club supports the walking element. So now we have ‘Crewe Alexander’. The term, to me anyway screams ‘football’ – WALKING football is a different concept a different game. Well done on the goal Keith, I read Bill’s match reports out of general interest for the game.

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