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CWF League October 2016 — 4 Comments

  1. Having played in the competition the last 3 times, I have noticed an increase in the speed that the games are played. I feel this is against the basic principles that walking football is about. When I first started playing, one or two teams were running, now it seems most teams do, although I appreciate that it is down to the individual.

    The referee’s must take some action and clamp down. Being disabled my movement is slow, and on a couple of occasions due to an opposition player running and my slowness to move out of the way, collisions have occurred. Up to now no serious injury has occurred but it will be only a matter of time. One ref, a Mr Effin, (please excuse spelling of name ) was excellent at clamping down on the running, which only angered the runners, great they are cheating. Please can we get back to the spirit and principles of Walking Football, for it is a great benefit to old codgers like myself. It would be useful if other people added their thoughts.

    • Thanks for your comment Philip. The refereeing in the Cheshire Walking Football League is generally excellent. Having played and managed in many other tournaments, I can assure you that the standard of officiating in the majority of these competitions has been woeful. Let’s not forget that refereeing walking football is alien to most qualified referees. It does take time to get to grips with the walking football rules.

      While most physical contact is fairly easy to spot and punish, running is not so easy to define. Tall guys can stride far more quickly than us shorter players and obviously they have a great advantage. The biggest problem is if the referee doesn’t clamp down on blatant running, the opposition tend to think, well if they are doing it so will I.

      As you mentioned, comments from others are especially welcome on this subject. Why not bring the matter up on the Walking Football Forum. Just register and comment on any subject, or even introduce a new topic.

  2. Phillip from one old codger to another I too thank you for your comments on the “state” of our game. Many over 50’s and well into their 70’s enjoy the game on a weekly basis. None more than young Bill and myself who are both interested in keeping the game fair to all. We are experiencing similar problems at my club, Widnes, and are currently trying to encourage the more fitter players to slow down and respect the abilities of the not so fit and young. Unfortunately it seems the more you play the fitter you become and try to keep up with the faster game, this has become very apparent in our club.
    We as a committee at Cheshire Walking Football are committed to the rules we wrote and actively encourage the refs to enforce these rules. We know we are all not perfect, yet, but we are striving each fixture day to improve on the previous one and this includes refereeing. We now have a refereeing member, Paul Maddock, as a committee member which I feel will further enhance the standard of our officials and help for a fairer game.
    I am grateful you have taken the time to write on this website and I wish more would do so, after all it is there for ALL to use and I would welcome any other comments relating to the game we have become addicted to in our older age.
    I would also like to mention that we are looking to establish an over 60’s division, possibly early next year which would also go a long way to fairer competition – watch this space !!!!!

    Look forward to seeing you all again next week and please if you have anything to say take a minute and put it on here.
    Dave Powell
    Cheshire Walking Football Group.

  3. Thanks for the replies, glad to read I am not the only one who realises the problem of running, both comments are on the mark. The over 60s league would be great, because before long a team of 50yr olds will turn up and win every game, 5goals +, not in the spirit that walking football was invented for.

    I would like to referee walking footie but up to now only refs that have completed the FA Course are doing it. A player from walking footie is more aware of the running and other misdemeaners than anyone else. Thanks to all the organisers they do a great job, my concerns are safety related not critical of any individuals, cheers Phil.

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